• Premises Liability

    Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys
    Clark Law & Associates, LLC handles the following forms of Oregon and Washington State premises liability cases. Were you hurt because of an unsafe condition around the property someone else? Call (503) 238-1010.

    Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys
    - Cases
    - Trip and Fall
    - Tenant Injuries on property
    - Attractive Nuisance for the children
    - Dangerous Conditions on Property
    - Ice or snow on sidewalks
    - Broken or raised sidewalks
    - Unseen dangers
    - Foreign Substance on Business Property

    Just when was a property owner or possessor answerable for injuries on his or her property?

    Merely being injured about the property of another does not always mean the home owner or property possessor is likely. As an illustration, should you trip because your shoe lace is untied and suffer injury, the property one who owns in places you tripped and fell would not be liable. However, If the home owner or possessor with the property was negligent in some manner, then you might be eligible for damages due to your injury for the property of one other. Generally, a property owner contains the following common law duties:

    - Reasonably inspect their property for dangerous conditions
    - Warn of the dangerous conditions, before the condition can be repaired
    - Repair the dangerous condition

    In addition to common law duties, there may be state, county or city ordinances that give rise to strict liability for dangerous conditions on their own property. For example, in Portland, Oregon home owners have the effect of keeping sidewalks safe. See Portland City Code, Sec. 17.28.020 as well as to blame for ice and snow removal from sidewalks. See Portland City Code, Sec. 17.28.025.

    If you can prove that this property owner or possessor was negligent, you need to then show that the injuries you suffered were a principal and proximate result of negligence.

    What should I do should i be injured about the property of another?

    - Make use of cellular phone to photograph the scene of that you were injured.
    - Photograph your injuries.
    - Promptly are accountable to the owner or possessor of the property that you just were injured.
    - Seek prompt medical treatment.
    - Truthfully report to your medical providers the way you were injured.
    - Call Clark Law and Associates, LLC at (503) 238-1010.

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